Off-topic: Book Review Blog, Introduction

HaLin has been dividing time over the past few months, somewhat unequally, between laziness and more civilised writing than what he is accustomed to on this blog. The sheer volume of the latter succeeded in overpowering the former, and a new blog is born.

The new blog will serve as an archive of HaLin’s reviews of book releases, penned for official sources. In keeping with these Facebooky times, you, dear Readers, are encouraged to ‘show your love’. Who knows, you might actually find a book worth reading, after all.

HaLin shall continue to indulge in less civilised forms of writing, treating touchy subjects minus wordy diplomacy, on this blog.

Your persistent patience in resting awhile on this blog is acknowledged, with humility.


4 thoughts on “Off-topic: Book Review Blog, Introduction

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