Off-topic: 25-Word Story

The customary three-digit word sighting is in hibernation. In its place appears a 25-word variant, conveying a story.

Ray beams. Paper reams.

Eyes gleam, Ponzi scheme,

Zealous stream. Bursting seam…

Deafening scream!

Pipe dream. Sunk regime.

Losing steam; soul redeems.

…Nested dream.



“Brevity is the daughter of Laziness.”

– Unknown (but possibly linked to yours truly)


25-word rejoinders would be welcome in the Comments.



16 thoughts on “Off-topic: 25-Word Story

  1. Couldn’t resist
    so must persist
    till slapped on the wrist
    and told to desist
    by someone pissed
    at all I’ve missed
    in ignorance of bliss.

    (Note: Do not waste time in search of meaning!) 😉

    1. Wordy (in)discretion. Undeserving suppression.
      Gradual comprehension > Hasty reprehension.
      Boring. Rip-roaring. Outpouring.
      Welcome one ‘n all!
      As for bliss…
      Blissful ignorance,
      subordinates to ignorant bliss.

      (PS: Umm…the math symbols in there. Help reduce word count. I cheated, though. Sorry!)

    1. Newton, the Fox. Knave in a box.
      Chalk and cheese. Newton and Leibniz.
      Leibniz: “Manipulator! Fox, pass!”
      Newton: “Inventor! Faux pas!”
      Leibniz lost. Newton won.

      (Your 25-worder reminded me of the Newton’s dark side and his battle with Gottfried Leibniz! Pardon the digression. In case you are interested, the link to their war of words follows.)

      Yes, history indeed repeats.

      1. Galileo expounded much
        Of ‘rate of fall’ and such
        Church buried it
        Newton exhumed it
        Called it ‘gravity’
        Made great discovery
        Similar travesties litter history

      2. Galileo, the Finder,
        Questioned the Founder.
        Some, out of jealousy,
        alleged him, of heresy.
        ‘Fellow men! Opine boldly!’
        …thus spake, Galileo Galilei.
        Thence, hope floats…

  2. Not strictly the same genre, but reminds me of a poem I read in my school days.
    It goes (one word each in English and Hindi in every sentence):
    Look dekho
    Aasman sky
    Bird panchi
    Udan fly

    1. Thank you, Sire!

      Paucity of time and patience calls for ever shorter stories. Your mode of expression, though, is even better. A picture speaks a million words, in today’s time.

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