My (only) Award Of 2011

HaLin, wallowing deep in the Abyss of BlogObscurity, finally managed to take a few steps up.

Dear Eric (Written Words Never Die),

Appreciate you nominating me for the


Nice way to round out 2011!

I think it behooves me to thank a few blogger mates who force me to smile with their musings, before I hit SnoozeLand. Here are my nominations for the Liebster Blog:

Madstickynotes (M is one of those rare rants that clothe cynicism in humour. Beware: You might be ‘dumped’).

Mrtinney Words and Stuff (a rare member of the seasoned age-profile who’s still retained his sense of humour).

LiterallyChallenged (Dee is an enthusiastic motor-brain, of the good variety).

Musings of a part-time insomniac (JR is busy plotting to take over the world…while battling Nature-gifted laziness).

Oyiabrown (Weary blogosphere travellers are likely to find smiles when resting awhile at OB’s blog).

The Grammy might be a Sham-my but I hope each of the above will graciously, and humourously, accept this genuinely zany award.

Happy New Year!




10 thoughts on “My (only) Award Of 2011

  1. its a surprise that you have received only one award, you deserve dozens of them. If we were known to each other a year back i might have bored you stiff with awards.

    your works are amazing.

    will be coming back to read the remaining, am a bit stuck up right now.

    1. Welcome, Stephanie! Thank you for resting awhile and the kind words.

      Verse-challenged folks like myself could do with hopping over to your blog for some education. I look forward to revisiting.

      Look forward to having you back.

      1. Thank you for the compliments. I only publish what I like, but I’m glad you like it too. Have a nice day.


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